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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finding your treasures

“It has to be special,” I kept thinking. March was the month to appreciate Social Workers and I wanted to come up with an innovative strategy to honor my fellow colleagues. I wanted to thank my fellow social workers who work at the hospitals and other institutions for referring new residents to the healthcare facility where I work.

“Treasures!” - came to my mind. It sounded good. Treasure boxes symbolized my idea.

Exploring my thought, I decided to search the Internet for further ideas. I typed “social worker treasures,” and viewed the results of my search. I stopped at one that caught my attention. It was a writer’s website. The word “treasures” was contained in the blog link.

The blog was not specifically about social workers, but rather how this person started her journey as a writer. It was the writer Terri Tiffany’s blog.

"What you do need to do is this: Commit. If God puts a

desire in your heart to write, find a way.”

Terri’s words were powerful. They were motivational.

“Is this a coincidence?” I wondered. I have carried a pipe dream in my mind for years to become a writer. “It's just a pipe dream,” I often reminded myself. A few days after I came across Terri’s blog, I thought again about my pipe dream.

I emailed her and told her how encouraging her words were to me, and that perhaps it was time that I start a journey as well. That evening, Terri replied to me, with inspirational thoughts. “She is precious!” I exclaimed, after reading her email.

I am thankful to Terri for her encouragement. I have definitely committed to pursue my dream. This blog is a step toward the adventure of writing.

How amazing is that while I originally searched for the word “treasure,” I ultimately found the treasure of a new journey. God works in mysterious ways. Doesn't He?


Terri Tiffany said...

Oh you about made me cry! Thank you so much for this. I'm at a new kind of low--if you read my post you know I had to leave my job--and I miss the residents and staff but certain circumstances made it intolerable. I am so glad you are where you should be and that you are the kind of person to recognize those other social workers around you. They need it badly!!

I'm glad you are on the journey:)

Natasha said...

I believe in Destiny. You were meant to be a writer (and I define anyone who write because she loves to write as a writer)- the rest just happened at the right me to ensure that you committed to writing.
All the best!