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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cooking from the heart

“The food is good!” a nursing home resident exclaimed. I was truly excited to hear that. Food-related grievances usually top the list. Not at this time. I asked co-workers how that facility has achieved such a high level of culinary satisfaction. Then, someone finally told me, “We have a good cook!”  

Of course, it has to do with the cook, I mused. 
I have heard people commenting about nursing home food, wondering how difficult it must be to please everybody. I smile. I smile, because I believe it’s not hard to cook appetizing and delightful meals for residents in a nursing home, or for patients in a hospital, or for your family or friends when cooking is done with love and caring.
I have found myself watching quite a few movies involving food lately. “Julie & Julia” was one of them. I definitely love that movie!  It’s a truth-inspired story about a girl - by the way, she was a blogger- who decides to embark in the adventure of cooking all 524 recipes outlined in Julia Child's culinary classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This is a must-see movie for bloggers and food-lovers alike. 

I also watched “Tortilla Soup.” Although the movie was about family relations, food was an important element in their gatherings and conversations. My mouth literately watered as I watched the main character -a loving father- preparing exquisite dishes. 

“The Ramen Girl” completed my food movie vigil. It’s about an American girl in Japan, who tries to enliven her frustrated life by learning how to cook ramen noodles. Although she follows the instructions of a peculiar chef, she doesn’t succeed. But things change when an elderly lady tells the girl, “You are cooking from your head.. You must cook from your heart.” 

I love cooking. I do.  

Throughout the years, I have ventured to try new recipes. I have explored the taste and aroma of multiple spices. I have even created my own secret recipes. “What did you put in this?” my husband curiously asks. I disclose no more than a third of my “secret,” and smile. “You should open a restaurant!” my son shouts. And I smile again. 
The pleasure that my family expresses when referring to my cooking is just priceless. Hearing that “This is good!” gives me joy. Their satisfaction is my reward.  
When you hear your loved ones praising the meal that you have prepared for them, then you will know that you have cooked from the heart


Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Another great movie is "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp. You could describe it as a romantic comedy and it has a lot of wonderful things to say.


I'm not much of a cook anymore. I work full time in my career. Since my husband is disabled, he is my house husband. And a darn good one. When he prepares a meal for me, I tell him how much I appreciate it and how good it is. He cooks with love and does his best to prepare the things I like. I would say that is truly from the heart. God bless.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

uh oh. I"m in trouble. I can't cook for beans...but I can play one heck of a great chess game. :) Great post.

Linda said...

Love todays post!
Have a good day.

Isha Shiri said...

Hello Doris,

I'm happy that you follow my blog about the charity and customs of my people.

The content of your blog is great!

I wish you much peace.

Cliff Harrison said...

Doris, I just read your comment in another's blog about your mother. I just stopped by to say I'm sorry and you and she are in my prayers.